Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does it take to build the Mini Camping Trailer?
It should take you about 16 hours if you are fairly familiar with power tools and building with wood. If you are a novice with woodworking, it could take you a little longer.

How much money does it cost to build the Mini Camping Trailer?
The whole trailer costs under a $1000 to build, however, half trailer costs come from the trailer which is $249. from Harbor Freight and the 2 burner stove for $$236. The lumber and other features make up the other $500. So if you already own a small utility trailer and have a Coleman stove you could build the trailer for about $500.

Is there anything else I can do with the trailer?
I made the Mini Camping Trailer so that the box part is seperate from the trailer, so when I need a utility trailer I just take off the box. I made another box that is open on top, this one I use to haul garbage to the dump or whatever.

Where do you sleep with the Mini Camping Trailer?
You just sleep in your tent. Since you have a lot of room in your Mini Camping Trailer, you can bring a great tent and a blow up sleeping mattress. I bring one tent for the grown-ups and one for the kids, each one has a queen size air mattress.

I don't get it, how does the shower work?
To take a shower, I just use my solar shower bag or my shower from I take the port-a-potti out of the bathroom side, tie the shower curtain closed and take a shower, the waste water just flows out a drain and onto the grass under the trailer. (Yes, I use biodegradable soap!)

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