Build your own Mini Camping Trailer and start enjoying all the advantages of camping with a RV without the expense.
pinecone Look at what you get with the Mini Camping Trailer...
• Comes with a complete Kitchen -- stove, sink and cooler, there is even a pot rack.
• It contains a full bathroom with port-a-potti and shower.
• Lots of storage space to pack all your camping gear into, rather than filling up the car.
• It is small -- only 40 x 48 x 48 inches when it is all folded up.
• Easy to Build, just a few weekends and it is done.
• Very light, your car or SUV will barely notice that you are towing it and your gas milage will hardly change.

pinecone With the Mini Camping Trailer you get to have all the features of an RV or Tent Trailer without having to spend thousands or even ten's of thousands of dollars on an RV.

pinecone Check out the gallery to see how the Mini Camping Trailer solves most of the problem with camping, and how the trailer compares to having an RV.

pinecone Join the thousands of people who have gotten the plans to build their own Mini Camping Trailer.

The plans are 32 pages that teach you step-by-step with 83 photos showing you exactly how to build the Mini Camping Trailer. There is a complete tool and supply list and trust me, we use really simple tools (circular saw, jig saw and a drill). Here is what is in the plans:
• Complete parts list with sample pricing
• List of tools needed
• Exact measurements to cut the panels to make the trailer
• Step-by-Step assembly instructions
• Plumbing Instructions
• Electrical Instructions

If you have any questions, check out of Frequently Asked Questions page.

Check out the Gallery of Photos.

Happily camp, travel and live forever on $20 a day - eBook.

pinecone So go ahead and download the plans and start building, you could be enjoying your new camping trailer soon.

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